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As I said last night at the first (wonderful!) read-through, I'm very excited to be working on this show, finally.
All of my experience with this show has been from a purely acedemic view point, i.e. analyzing the structure, characters, what works, what doesn't, and why. I've written many papers on this show, some of which even got an "A". Joking. None of them did. All "B"s.
What? I was in college. Shows and friends came first, then school work. Still got a 3.25 GPA though, kids.
Anyway, I'm thrilled that I finally get to work on this show from an artistic point of view now. I get to actually watch people say the lines and move and think and feel and listen. The play is finally a living, breathing, albeit young, creature. This is opposed to studying what felt like an ancient artifact. Like the Rossetta Stone. A big, giant intimidating rock.
But now, it's beginning to come to life. It's shaping and coloring and grabbing us, as I'm sure you felt last night. (BTW: Don and Maddox- The Prior/Harper dream/hallucination was AMAZING!)
That's what I'm feeling. That and total bordom here at work. I wish I could work on Angels for 40 hours a week and get paid for it...
See you all for the 1st night of blocking. Bring pencils and erasers!!!

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  1. # Blogger Don (Prior)

    Thanks Andrew for your positive feedback on the readthrough of the Dream/Hallucination scene, it is one of my favorites. I was excited about my scenes with "Harper" as soon as I hard Shannon Maddox's first readthrough and realized that she had a firm grib on "Harper" and the steam of conciousness style of the dialouge.
    Shannon is a very supportive scene partner and I can experiment with our blocking/interactions and she just flows right along with it.
    Don Mullins (Prior)  

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