Melding of Acting Styles

One thing I noticed during our first rehearsal was the wide variety of acting styles.
Some people are very natualistic, almost acting for camera; while others have a broader stage style. This worries me a little because I don't want to stick out from the other characters too much. I knew early on that this would be a challenge as the space in Spotlighter's is so intimate, and in the round, there's not room for "telephoning" in your performance like when the first row is 40 feet away.
I was also appreciative of how honest everyone was about tackling such a great piece of work in such a short time frame. This took away the pressure for me to try to pretend I "have it all together" and now I feel more free to explore and make mistakes
Don Mullins ( Prior)

2 Responses to “Melding of Acting Styles”

  1. # Anonymous Gabriel

    I'd agree that there's a wide variety of performance experience; what the cast may not be aware of is that was purposeful in the casting. In a piece that combines actual historical figures, traditional narrative characters, and magic realism hallucinations, there needs to be stylistic variation. We plan to use the diversity and difference in the ensemble to reflect the script's own varied coterie.  

  2. # Blogger NATHANIEL R

    this is one of my favorite topics period when it comes to acting. Some films fall completely apart with disparate styles. I prefer cohesiveness as a viewer but I have seen some instances where amajor difference can really be thrilling.

    interesting post.  

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