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Rehearsals for Angels begin on September 7th...three weeks, and we're in it. I feel barely recovered from the Significant Blur workshop, but there's no breaks in art, right? I'm pre-blocking Act I and II; stunned by the mastery of Kushner's construction. I mean, we always knew he had a flair with words, but he even makes the character entrances and exits make sense for you. It's such a powerful experience, to take this script apart and look at its insides. A glorious machination.

The actress playing our Angel, Tawanda, was on Court TV the other night. Had a part in one of their "Forensic Files". She was on talking for all of seven seconds, covered by the narrator's voice over. Welcome to the business of show.

September 7th. The great work begins.

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  1. # Blogger Towanda

    That is funny. Towanda here. I kept waiting for the part when I .. and the one where I ... it never happened. Only consolation was the check for a principal role. Editing.  

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