The Messenger Has Flown the Coop

It's over. Put it in the archives.

This has been one of the most incredible theatre experiences of my career, despite not being in it. Everyone worked so hard on this beast. It showed. "One of the best shows this year" claims Out Loud Magazine. Definitely right.

Time has a funny way of passing. The time between our first read through and closing seems so long ago according to the calendar, yet it seems like only yesterday we were all hauling our asses up to Towson and rehearsing for 9 hours a day while Shannon Hunt screams "We've been here for so long!" That may have been about the time I started watching the boys walking to the Towson football game half naked. All those weekends kind of squished together.

There's really not much I have to say. I'm looking forward to my weekends and football. I'm looking forward to NYC starting in January. I'm looking forward to Part 2. I've enjoyed so much of this process, it's hard to find anything negative about it. I'm sure I could elaborate, but that isn't polite to do on something so public, and those "in the know" know exactly what I'm talking about.
I'll miss my cast. I'm glad I've made some new friends and strengthened bonds with others.
Too much fun. Not enough time. Finite. Finite. Terribly, terribly.
The Angel will come again to Baltimore. I'll be here when it happens; welcoming Part 2 with an open heart and mind and soul, waiting for the immense richness of Kushnerisms to come flowing freely at me.
Perpare for the parting of the air. The breath, the ascent. Glory to...

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