Between The Halves...

As the ensemble in Baltimore begins its final week of Millennium Approaches (get tickets now!), the MadShag design team is already been hard at work on the next half of Tony Kushner's Angels in America diptych, Perestroika, coming next July. It's a very different work from Millennium, of course, and as such requires a totally different feel and style in all areas.

Today, set designer Allen Cutler gives us a sneak peek at his creations for Perestroika with this rendering of the mappa mundi, an ancient map of the world that he has freehanded. This gorgeous, Latin-inspired map will be painted with a multi-layer technique in mammoth scale across the entire playing surface of the stage, gilded on the edges with gold. The actors will literally cross the world and back in each scene!

This is only one of the really great elements we've already chosen for Perestroika. How's this for some tantalizing hints: the major color element is gladiator red, Prior will climb to heaven on a moving ladder, and yes...this time, the angel will fly!

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