The Panel That Never Was

Ok... I was disappointed last Sunday when my Panel Discussion on AIDS didn't fan out the way it should have. And by that, I mean "never happened at all."
I had 8 very distinguished and highly respected panelists and no audience, save for the wonderful cast, who looked very much like they wanted to stay.
This is the problem with AIDS: nobody wants to discuss it, and therefore people get more ignorant about it. For example: That moderately large group from Loyola College that was there... none of them stayed for the discussion. The entire reason behind the Panel was to gear AIDS awareness towards that demographic; 18-22 year olds living in Baltimore.
It's sad, really; turning a blind eye to something that could potentially kill you. Not smart, college kids, not smart at all.

Anyway... I've been a little more than useless when I'm at the shows now, due to not being able to lift anything over 10 pounds (how do I go to the bathroom?) I'm there for moral support. And to help the Wonderful Octopus of the Booth, Shannon Hunt, with the highly technical aspect of clicking the slides and the chaser lights. She makes me feel important and needed even though I'm on Percocet and need to be told to go sit down.

I can't believe it almost over. Seems like a short time between driving up to Towson and now. A lot has happened, though. I'm upset I didn't get to see my wonderful director and props man this past Saturday, but I wasn't up to it at all.

I'll see everyone tonight!! I'll be on drugs, but I'll be there. Go Team!

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