Two Weeks. The Tension Mounts.

As the cast rehearses, we're all starting to focus on the task at hand. However, I'm here in New York taking care of The Madness of Lady Bright (we're a hit, by the way...sold out all weekend!), while the Angels cast does some pick-up rehearsals under the guidance of my MadShag co-captain, Shannon Maddox. She's helping them get off-book (lines are pesky things, and difficult to boot) and focusing some of the physicality of the piece.

What's interesting about the process happening this way is that I'm doing a lot of directing via e-mail; four of the eight actors have sent me their questions, compliments, concerns and fears this week about the work they're doing. It's a new experience for me, because I'm usually right there in the room and can address their needs in person. But with me having to care for Lady Bright (and an Angels cast member's wedding, and other assorted cast conflicts), I'm worried that some of them feel a bit abandoned...Angels is a 500-pound beast of a play, and it probably comes as no surprise to readers here that actors might be intimidated by the text. Also, the Baltimore cast wants so desperately to do justice to Kushner's script...they are working overtime to make it a success, both in rehearsal and in their home study. The consequence is that we run the risk of getting obsessed and a little fixated...a potentially damaging situation for some actors, because most things that seem like obstacles or readblocks are really just paper tigers. (And yes, Eddie, I used "paper tigers" just for you.) ;-)

I LOVE these actors. They are brilliant people, working so hard; as the man standing back watching it all, I can tell you that they are on track to perform a truly phenomenal production. However, we can't rush it...we need to be ready on October 13th, and not a day before. Hopefully e-mail and the internet can help us along the way.

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  1. # Anonymous EddieZ

    Yay! Paper Tigers!  

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