Mr. Lies....In Spain?

That's right...rather than freezing my ass off in Antartica with Harper, I decided to take a little break and head to sunny Spain...until Harper summons me again sometime next week. Those delusions - they keep me working all the time!

No seriously, Mr. Lies..aka Belize...aka now in Spain for a cousin's wedding. I know, I know, I am making it sound like a chore. But truth be told, it kind of freaks me to leave the rehearsal process for so long. I feel like the more we are rehearsing, the more I am able to establish more of a connection with my castmates, and thus, create those connections on stage. However, my castmates are all so fabulous, and I love them dearly, that I am not worried about not having that chemistry when I get back.

I was wandering around Madrid today and I am not sure if it's becuase of this play that I notice more or not, but everywhere I see different types of angels. Cherubs on frescoes, angles on fountains, demonic angels in bars, angels on buildings, and there was even (I AM NOT KIDDING) a person dressed as an angel walking down the street promoting some "heavenly party"...ok, not heavenly, but more like Fiesta en el Cielo. That kind of thing.

There may be "no angels in america" according to some of our characters, but there are plenty here! I saw them all - even the clubbing angel. Except his wings are not as stupendous as ours!

Anyways, I will leave you with a final thought that I am not sure I could necessarily answer. But I did think about it. If these characters in Angels were from Spain and in the same situations, would it even play out the same? We talk so much about the specific politics of America during that time period, but is there not an element of similarity in most cultures when it comes to something like AIDS? The same intolerances, prejedices, stereotypes? Just a thought.

But for now, bye, bye. Now Belize is getting ready to hit the sack, since she's been out and about in Madrid and it's now 3am here.

A Bien Tot Ma Cherie!

2 Responses to “Mr. Lies....In Spain?”

  1. # Blogger Shannon

    Look at you...posting from Spain. I would like to go on the record as saying that if you were any kind of travel againt you would have taken me with you.You know I can entertain myself...xo, Harper  

  2. # Blogger shannon h.

    Belize in Spain. What a delightful thought... :) xox, sh  

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