A Big Month

Sorry it's been a month since we've updated, but we've had a big month at MadShag. First off is that our planned production of Perestroika had to be canceled due to serious family illness. The health of our loved ones comes first, as it should, but the severity of the illness made it simply impossible for MadShag to continue its involvement with the Baltimore production. The good news is that Spotlighters, our producing partner, plans to forge ahead with local artists to complete the production...and we are cheering them on. Go team!

We also put together a reading for Peculiar Works Project of Charles Ludlam's Conquest of the Universe, or, When Queens Collide, which was ridiculously good fun. Since the play has an absolutely enormous cast, we got to work with some regulars of the MadShag family (Gabriel, Shannon, Catherine Porter, Mary Ann Walsh, Melissa House, Helen Bessette), some of our new friends from Baltimore (David Gregory, Richard Goldberg), and a bevy of talented folk who were MadShaggin' for the first time: Brian Gonzalez, Ryan Jensen, Chris Mirto, Wil Reyes, Nathaniel Rogers, Shannan Shaughnessy, Nomi Tichman, and Jason Verga. It was a ball, and we hope to revisit the play in June as part of PWP's Off Stage: The East Village Fragments, which is the follow-up event to the West Village event we did last year.

We're still working on our 2008 original piece, Dragging The Day (Behind You), and we're currently cooking up a fun summer project here in NYC. We'll keep you posted!


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