A Post About Nothing...

I'm such a bad mom! Shoot, if I was the real mom of this blog, child services would have taken it and given it to a nice white family in the suburbs before I could pull myself up off the kitchen floor after a week of vodka, cigarettes and crack cocaine. I tell ya, I have a new respect for those that can come up with not only something to write about on their blogs each day but some of them even come up with several new and interesting posts all at the same time. What's up with that?!

Oh sure, I've sat down to write on several occasions. Maybe something about a show I've seen or a piece I'm working on or at the very least one of the several hundred Netflix movies I've watched, but nothing ever seemed important enough. For instance, I saw a show a couple of weeks ago at a new-ish space here in Baltimore called The Patterson. Actually, I believe the entire title is The Creative Alliance at the Patterson. Anyway, I went down there not knowing anything about the space except what I had read on their website, WHICH, by the by, I thought sounded totally groovy and a place that Madshag might be able to mount less traditional work in the future i.e. the work we prefer to do. But I digress...I LOVE THIS SPACE. It's a totallytotallytotally, great and beautiful artistic and creative space. So why didn't I write about that? And the piece. I saw an original performance/multimedia extravaganza, Air Heart, written and performed by a Towson MFA alum Mara Neimanis, an aerial performer amongst other things, who did the whole piece while climbing and swinging around on a 25' steel sculpture of a plane. Now that sounds like that could be something...good or bad...
It was good.

I just don't know?! I mean, what constitutes an interesting blog worthy post? Listen, I have read some really uninteresting crap. And even worse, I have left comments on these posts like this will somehow ease my guilty conscience for thinking it was crap in the first place. So what makes me think I'm any better than anybody else. Like I can conjure from deep down and write something that will entertain, educate and inspire you all to great things...if I just wait, it will come.

What the hell was I waiting for. Well, I have learned my lesson. No more waiting for interesting subjects, inspirational words, great/bad art or as Allan Kaprow put it: happenings. I hear by promise to write all kinds of crap all the time. No matter what it is or how I'm feeling I will allow the proverbial diarrhea of the extremities to expound all kinds of deep, dark, smelly dookie. This my friends is my solemn promise.

Just to show you how dedicated I am, I don't have a damn thing to say to close this thing...
Up next time: A cheesy slide show from my vacation to Mexico. You won't want to miss this one. Several shots of the same thing, pics of people you don't know or care about and I have found some spirited Mariachi music to use as underscoring. Can't wait...ole!

2 Responses to “A Post About Nothing...”

  1. # Blogger Gabriel

    I can't wait! Good post...you're right, it's more about just going ahead and writing something than waiting for inspiration. All bloggers feel that.  

  2. # Anonymous julie

    i write crap all the time. In all the years i've been doing this, i've written one good post about kids throwing a roll of carpet at my car. 3 years ago. fancy!  

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