The First Rule of Write Club Is...

Sometime MadShag collaborator Jeffrey James Keyes (who performed in our production of Edward II, and whose play Orange Alert we developed in our reading series in December '05) is part of the playwright's collective Write Club NYC, and they are throwing a mixer for any and all artists who work in New York theatre...especially those of us at the fringes in Off-Off-Broadway. We'll be there, and you should be too! It's a chance to exchange ideas and information, to network, and to socialize with fellow off-off-Broadway artists.

Write Club NYC Mixer
When: Monday, January 29, 2007 @ 8PM
Where: Upstairs at The Irish Rogue, 356 W 44th Street
Admission is free! So come drink your face off.

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  1. # Blogger Jeffrey James

    Hey guys:

    Thank you for putting the info for our mixer up here! If anyone wants to check out our website go to we will be producing a new play by Carey Crim this spring. Our website a cool "interview" feature with some great interviews. Check it out. I love Gabriel and Shannon! Happy writing! *Jeffrey James Keyes  

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