MadShag is now THE FORGE!

For those of you who've wondered where and what the heck MadShag has been up to, today is an exciting day! Today several longtime MadShag collaborators are launching The Forge, a new arts production company based in New York.

Our brand spanking new site has more information if you're interested (please update your bookmarks!). Our first two projects -- SINNER TO WINNER (a one-night art party on September 10) and IMMORTAL: THE GILGAMESH VARIATIONS (opening in NYC January 2011) -- involve dozens of exciting artists. I hope you’ll plan to attend. I think you’ll enjoy both of these events, so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

The Forge features some of the greatest artists I've ever worked with, and I'm incredibly excited about the group's future. If you'd like to keep up with our activities, I hope you'll:

Join The E-Forge List:

"Like" Us On Facebook:

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Coming Soon: Forge Photos on our Flickr Photostream
( and Videos on our You
Tube Channel (

And one other thing...please spread the word! Like any new endeavor, The Forge will only be as successful as those who know about it. Forward this to everyone you think might like to know about us! Thanks for your help (and more Forgery ahead!).

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